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Lead Software Architect - Baseband Algorithms

Job Description
We take great pride in developing cutting-edge millimeter wave wireless systems ground up, to solve problems in the rural and urban telecom infrastructure. To this end, we are looking for strongly motivated candidates who have hands-on experience in developing baseband algorithms for wireless communication and can lead a team of junior engineers. The work will involve the following:
  1. Lead a team of baseband engineers.
  2. Design the overall baseband processing algorithm stack in Python and C++ which can deliver on performance parameters like efficiency, latency, throughput etc.
  3. Plan the modules with clear definitions and develop test plans for the team to implement.
  4. Optimize the implementation to minimize resource consumption
  5. Develop novel algorithms and techniques that can provide an edge over the industry standard
  6. Review code of the team to ensure that coding standards are complied with.
  7. Create a roadmap for baseband development to meet the customer needs
  8. Contribute hands-on with your team in the development of the stack.
  9. As a developer, you will need to design, develop, test, debug, update and maintain algorithms related to digital signal processing.
  10. Design the baseband stack so that it can be converted to ASIC with minimum effort

Job Requirement
This position requires a Bachelors' degree in Electrical engineering, computer science engineering or allied fields. Additionally, we expect you to have technical leadership experience of at least 3 years.
We expect you to:
  1. Be capable of understanding the latest technologies and go beyond the standards.
  2. Have knowledge of beam forming, beam shaping, etc
  3. Understanding of communications protocol stacks like 3GPP, DVBS2
  4. Have experience in abstraction and algorithmic thinking.
  5. Be a ninja of debugging and logical reasoning.
  6. Have a strong understanding of DSP algorithms like APSK, LDPC, OFDMA
  7. Have knowledge of DSP algorithm implementation on FPGA.
  8. Have a working knowledge of RF systems.
  9. Be an expert in digital signal processing techniques such as fast Fourier transform, and have a good handle on linear algebra and complex algebra.

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